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Who We Are

We Are More Than Plumbers

Veteran owned and operated. With over 20 years of plumbing experience in Lake Havasu City and the surrounding areas we specialize in construction, commercial and residential plumbing, Plumbing Services is more than your average plumber. We are licensed and bonded in the State of Arizona to handle all of your plumbing needs whether commercial or residential. 

We are often called in to solve complex issues that other industry professional’s failed to diagnosis or were unable to solve. Our solution driven philosophy combined with our exceptional customer service has solidified us as one of the leading plumbing contractor’s in your area. 

5 Star Service

Veteran owned and operated. Plumbing Services has over 20 years of construction and plumbing experience serving most of Arizona. We pride ourselves by taking care of our customers and try to always exceed their expectations. We have been around a longtime. You know what that means? We will be around to service any warranty issues because we aren’t going anywhere. 

Solution Driven

We are often called to fix or solve complicated issues after another plumber was unable to fix. We enjoy being the “HERO” but don’t forget, we like the easy jobs too. 

Budget Conscious

We understand what it means to have a budget. When we receive new plans, we evaluate the most cost effective methods to do the job without compromising the quality or workmanship. We like to say we work smarter not harder. 

Buying Power

While using our extensive buying power we use economies of scale to save our customers time, energy and money. 

Residential Plumbing Services 

Services Offered

Backflow Installation & Testing

Camera Inspection

Cleanout Installation


Leak & Line Locating

Mainline & Indoor Drain Back-ups

Property Due Diligence

PEX, PVC, Copper, Galvanized and More

Gas, Sewer or Waterline Reroutes

Shower Valves

Tub Installations & Repair

Underground Leaks or Slab Leaks

Water Heater Installations

Water Heater Repairs

Water Softner Installations

Water Softner Repairs

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